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February is Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month!

At Maplewood Dental Arts, we welcome you and your whole family to our practice! We pride ourselves in being a family-friendly dental office.

We welcome infants and preschool age children and happily provide general parental education and support in the care of and management of your child’s oral health. Every member of our team works to make the dental experience positive, and even fun, for patients of every age.

We know how precious those first impressions are on kids when they come for cleanings and examinations. Each hygienist and doctor meets our youngest patients where they are at and helps them feel comfortable and safe in the chair. Using language kids can understand and building trust are always a top priority.

Early regular checkups help us proactively prevent decay and also recognize signs of gum disease before they become serious. Sealants are recommended at our practice because they form an effective barrier to tooth decay. We specialize in customized mouth-guards to protect the teeth from all types of sports injuries. We can also identify and address potential orthodontic problems early on to plan for the best possible treatment outcomes.

Children's Dental Exams
Dr. Graffam is seen here meeting a young patient.

Learning great dental health habits right from the start is a gift you give your children for a lifetime. Having a positive relationship with your care providers dramatically improves the likelihood that your child will take pride in their smile and feel confident about having healthy teeth and gums. We know from experience with many patients we have seen from the time they were babies that this can have a big impact on overall health and quality of life.


Dr. Andrea Taliento visited a nearby elementary school for a dental education event.

Children's Dental Health