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According to The American Dental Association, a child’s first dental exam should happen soon after the first baby tooth comes in or by the time the child turns one year old. Even though baby teeth are temporary, getting an early start on an excellent dental hygiene routine will benefit your child’s health and well being for a lifetime. Some of the primary (temporary) teeth will remain in your child’s mouth until he/she is 12 years old and it is very important to keep them healthy and in place until their adult teeth replace them.

At Maplewood Dental Arts we take pride in being a dental care provider for your entire family and are happy to be regarded as the leading pediatric dentist practice in the greater Gorham area. We collaborate with you to care for your child’s teeth from infancy to adolescence. Our pediatric dental team members are kid-friendly, happy, and positive. We do everything we can to help our pediatric dental patients feel happy and positive too! We work to gain trust with children from an early age while teaching them excellent at-home oral-hygiene habits, as well as diet and oral health education of the child for the parent. We speak in terms kids can understand and relate to in order to help them feel good about taking care of their teeth at home.

Starting early regular checkups allows us to catch decay and signs of gum disease before they become serious. We provide infant, preschool and general parental education and support in the care of and management of your child’s oral health. We offer sealants as an effective barrier to tooth decay and customized mouth-guards to protect the teeth from all types of sports injuries. We can also identify and address potential orthodontic problems early on to plan for the best possible treatment outcomes.

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