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Brighten Your Smile This Summer with Opalescence!

If you’ve been considering whitening your teeth, summer is a great time to get started! Between trips to the beach or lake, family barbeques, weddings, and other fun outdoor activities, you are sure to be showing your smile in many commemorative pictures and social media posts. Now is a great time to create your brightest smile!

This summer, MDA makes whitening your teeth even more affordable with an Opalescence Whitening Special. For the month of July, we are offering $150 off Opalescence treatment, for patients and non-patients alike!

We are proud to offer the Opalescence Whitening System. First developed 30 years ago, Opalescence’s innovative whitening formula is one of the leading professional whitening systems and it has helped millions of people around the world to brighten their smiles!

Opalescence’s exclusive gel formula contains an optimum combination of potassium nitrate, to whiten teeth, and fluoride, which helps alleviate the sensitivity that can occur during the whitening process. When dispensed into the Opalescence whitening trays, this sticky, viscous gel is better able to stay in place, avoiding migration to the mouth’s soft tissue which helps prevent irritation.

Opalescence whitening treatment delivers amazing results without some the harmful effects found in other whitening systems. Popular whitening options, like activated charcoal or light therapy, can damage your tooth enamel, or irritate the sensitive tissue of the lips and gums. The Opalescence gel protects tooth enamel from erosion during treatment and the custom trays prevent gel from spreading to the lips and gums.

Unlike other whitening systems, which may require multiple visits to the dentist to achieve your desired whitening results, Opalescence whitening treatment is completed conveniently in the comfort of your home over several weeks, saving you the time and inconvenience of having to schedule numerous appointments for in-office whitening treatments.

When you opt for Opalescence at MDA, we first take an impression of your mouth to create custom trays that fit your mouth perfectly. These custom trays take about two weeks to be fabricated and ensure that the Opalescence gel is delivered more precisely than other whitening systems, which use a standard, generic tray for every person.

When you return to our office for a final fitting of your individual trays, our dental assistants will walk you through the treatment step-by-step to ensure that you are confident about using the whitening system at home. You‘ll leave the office with your custom trays and storage case, a supply of syringes of the whitening formula for easy application, and a special toothpaste to use during treatment.

The Opalescence trays are worn for approximately two hours in total per day, which can be daily broken up into smaller increments of time, allowing the sustained release formula to gently whiten teeth with less irritation. Your custom trays are comfortable to wear and easy to remove after daily treatment.

Once treatment is completed, our team will instruct you on how to maintain your whiter, brighter smile! For the best results, we advise that you avoid consuming food or beverages that may stain your teeth, like coffee and tea, red wine, and dark fruits and vegetables. These dietary modifications are temporary, but worth following to ensure you get the most from your Opalescence treatment.

Opalescence’s gentle, but effective whitening treatments are a great way to conveniently brighten your smile this summer, or any other time of the year. And when you take advantage of our Opalescence promotion this July, offering you $150 off the whitening treatment, you can achieve the beautiful, whiter smile you’ve been thinking about for less! If you are interested in our Opalescence whitening treatment and promotion, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.