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Helping You Afford Dental Care for You and Your Family:

Budget Friendly Financing Options at MDA

If you are looking for the best comprehensive dental health care treatment for you and your family or want to enhance the appearance of your smile with a cosmetic dentistry, but are worried about the cost of care, the team at Maplewood Dental Arts can help you explore your financing options.

MDA Membership Plans

Maplewood Dental Arts Membership Plans help patients who either never had, or no longer have dental insurance benefits afford the dental care they need. Our membership program helps you budget for your oral health care over the year with convenient one-time annual, or monthly payment plans.

We offer three types of plans: Child Complete (for children ages 0-13), Adult Complete (for ages 14+), and Perio Care (for ages 14+). Each of these plans include cleanings, exams, x-rays, emergency exams, and a discount on procedures completed at our practice.

These plans are specifically designed to meet children, adult, and periodontal patients’ oral health care needs. Our Perio Care plan is a particularly good choice for individuals who require the extra care required to properly manage periodontal disease. With our Perio Care membership plan, periodontal patients can get the additional appointments they need to manage their condition without the worry of unexpected costs.

The services included in our Membership Plans are clearly listed, allowing you to see exactly what dental treatment benefits are included in the plans. The monthly costs for each of the plans remain the same throughout the year so you can know the exact cost of your care as soon as you sign up. Depending on your individual budget, you can choose to pay monthly or make a one-time payment annually.

Unlike a traditional dental insurance plan, no claims need to be filed and no payments are made to any other health care providers. With a membership plan, your oral health care is determined by you and our team, not dictated by a dental insurance’s policies. Unlike a traditional dental insurance plan, with an MDA membership plan you can know exactly what dental health care will be covered and know exactly what it will cost for the year.

Third Party Financing

Lending Club and CareCredit are two other options for financing both routine oral health care and cosmetic dental treatments at MDA. Both of these options issue lines of credit to qualified applicants to specifically finance their dental treatments.

With Lending Club, patients apply for the exact amount of credit needed for dental care or treatments and then make monthly payments, spreading out the total cost. Lending Club interest rates are based on the amount applied for, with 0% interest within the financing period. Interest is based on a patient’s credit score and only applied on any remaining balance after the original financing period has ended.   

With CareCredit, patients can apply for a line of credit that can be used to pay for routine oral health care as well as cosmetic dentistry treatments. CareCredit offers special short- and long- term financing promotions in which no interest is charged when the minimum monthly payment is made during the promotional period. Unpaid balances with CareCredit after that initial promotional period are subject to interest charges, which can vary greatly depending on a patient’s credit score.

With the financing options available at Maplewood Dental Arts, there is no need to delay or ignore the oral health care needs of your or your family. Regular visits to the dentist can ensure not just the health of your smile, but your overall health. Cosmetic dental treatment can boost your confidence and self-esteem. If you want to learn more about our financing options, contact MDA today!