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Digital Dentistry: SiroLaser Blue Treatment at Maplewood!

Maplewood Dental Arts is committed to bringing our patients the latest, most effective technology in modern dentistry in order to improve patient experiences and positive dental outcomes. To that end, our office recently acquired a SiroLaser Blue, which is the first FDA-cleared dental laser with blue wavelength.


What’s so special about a dental tool with blue wavelength laser light? The blue light energy produced by the laser is absorbed particularly well by soft tissue in the mouth (i.e. hemoglobin and melanin). Consequently, the blue laser beam achieves nearly 100 times better absorption than infrared light. This enables very fast, precise, and virtually painless cutting during oral surgeries and procedures; more precise incisions lead to less post-operative pain and faster healing times. In addition to the blue wavelength, the SiroLaser Blue has two other specific wavelengths for non-surgical applications or treatments.

In the dental office, SiroLaser Blue can be used for soft tissue surgery in a variety of cosmetic dentistry applications as well as for disinfection in endodontic treatment, crown lengthening, treating periodontal pockets, resolving peri-implantitis and bleaching applications. In oral surgery applications, it offers high precision tissue removal with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues, minimized bleeding for clearer visibility, protection against post-operative infection, minimized scar formation, an enhanced healing response, and virtually no post-operative pain.

blue wavelength laser light procedure

The Maplewood Dental Arts team began SiroLaser Blue training in September, using pig jaws to perfect treatment techniques. (Why pig jaws? Since the physiology of a pig is very similar to that of a human, using a pig jaw to practice on is more effective than practicing on synthetic materials!) While our staff has already been successfully putting their initial training into practice, additional team training for integrating even more laser treatments and therapy is ongoing. Our end goal to is offer as many of the wide range of SiroLaser Blue treatments as possible at our office.

While the SiroLaser Blue can be used for a wide range of procedures, from oral surgery to improved dental hygiene to endodontics, the Maplewood staff has been trained to use the SiroLaser Blue for some of the most common dental issues. Currently, we are using the SiroLaser Blue for the following treatments: bacterial pocket reduction; debridement (a dental procedure done to thoroughly remove plaque and tartar from teeth and gums); scaling and root planing (restorative dental procedures involving the removal of plaque and tartar stuck above and below the gumline); cold sores and canker sores; and TMJ/TMD facial muscle pain.

One of the most effective SiroLaser Blue treatments offered by Maplewood Dental Arts is for TMJ/TMD. TMJ/TMD (temporomandibular joint dysfunction/ disorder) is a painful jaw disorder that can be caused by the spasming of muscles in the jaw. Using a low wavelength setting, we are able to use the SiroLaser Blue to stimulate blood flow to the affected muscles, which results in the relaxation of the spasming muscles and a reduction or elimination of pain and discomfort. Laser treatment for this condition is a giant step ahead of past treatments, which could be cumbersome and time-consuming.

The advantages of the use of the SiroLaser Blue to our patients are many! When used for oral surgeries, the SiroLaser Blue is minimally invasive and in many cases, eliminates the need for scalpels and sutures. In all surgical applications, the precision of the blue wavelength laser light prevents bleeding and reduces healing times. Used at lower wavelengths, it can be used as a treatment for painful conditions that might not respond to more conventional treatments. At Maplewood Dental Arts, providing a comfortable, friendly dental experience for every member of your family is our primary goal. With our newest technology, the SiroLaser Blue, we hope to be even better at achieving that goal!