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Welcome To Maplewood!

I have realized over the past few years that welcoming people is an ongoing act in our practice. We strive to welcome everyone who comes through our doors.

New patients are welcomed into our dental family, and we greet our loyal patients like old friends each time they come in. Coming to a dentist is not always a highpoint of the week for most people and feeling welcomed into the office and the dental appointment can go a long way to making the experience feel warm and positive after all!

As our office has evolved and changed we have had the pleasure over the past few years to welcome new members to our team. Our new associate dentist Dr. Melissa Carrier, DDS joined the practice in October.

Her welcome was unique because she has also been a lifelong Maplewood patient. She grew up in Steep Falls, Maine right outside of Gorham. In fact, her experiences in our office helped inspire her to pursue a career as a dentist! We are honored to have her on the team.

As a general dentist Dr. Carrier is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care to our patients. She takes a modern approach to dentistry, focusing on the prevention of oral disease/infections by educating patients on how to avoid the need for intervention in the first place.

She is really enjoying meeting her new patients and helping them feel comfortable and secure in her chair.

Our newest hygienist, Kathryn, joined MDA team this fall and Linsay has been added to the practice administration crew to help us expand service and care for our patients at the front desk.

Adding team members brings a range of new skills and talents to the practice. We all benefit from new perspectives and insights that can help us innovate and reach new goals.

Sharing a passion for patient care, digital dentistry and providing the best possible dental experience available all demonstrate how wonderful it can be to welcome the new. A mindset of growth and change can reinforce all the best parts of who we are as a team, but it also challenges us to keep improving and evolving.

One of our most important goals is always to make you feel welcome at Maplewood Dental Arts. We value our work together as a team and we value our patients, in fact, we often refer to the whole thing as our dental family.

We are grateful for the community we serve and the amazing relationships we get to have with all of you that are such a meaningful part of our practice. Thank you, and as always, you are welcome!
Dr. Andrea Taliento, DMD