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Mark Hebert, Maine Photographer

Mark Herbert, Maine Photographer

We are so excited to welcome our new exhibiting local artist to Maplewood Dental Arts. Mark Hebert lives in Scarborough with his wife and two sons and has a passion for travel and photography that shows in the stunning landscape “portraits” he has taken all over the world.

Once a year Mark takes a solo journey to an epic location and immerses himself completely in local culture and scenery. On a trip to Iceland, he traveled over 1,000 miles in the country over a 7-day stretch.

Our current display of photos in the office includes several from the Iceland odyssey and others from national parks in Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, California and Alberta Canada.

Earlier this month Mark chose Joshua Tree and Death Valley National Parks as the destination for his annual trip. We hope as soon as he gets the pictures developed and finished we might get to see some of those as well!

His images beautifully capture color and light. He edits the photos and then develops them on metallic paper which gives an ethereal sheen to the images. Some photos have also been printed on large stretched canvases and the landscapes resemble paintings in this format.

Mark loved photography from an early age. He once set up a portrait studio in the basement and his grandparents, his earliest and biggest fans and supporters, sat for him.

When his grandfather passed away shortly after the portrait session the pictures Mark made lived on as treasured family heirlooms. His sister, our own dental hygienist Kim, has always had one of Mark’s photos in her treatment room at the office. She is a huge fan and we are so glad she helped us get this exhibit together to share with all of our patients!

Part of our passion, and the mission of our dental practice, is to be an active and supportive participant in our local community. We love living and working in Gorham and the great Portland area and enjoy the connections and relationships we can spark between our patients and local artists.

Feel free to take a tour around the office to see all the photos. We do have a price list behind the desk and in support of all of our exhibiting artists they receive 100% of the proceeds from any sale in our office. Mostly we just hope you enjoy looking at the photographs as much we do!