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Digital Dentistry at Maplewood

Utilizing the latest digital technology available in dentistry is one of the most exciting things about our practice at Maplewood Dental Arts!

The dentist at Maplewood Dental Arts have included digital dental tools in our diagnosis, treatment planning, and even milled our own crowns onsite for years. Our patients throughout the Gorham area can see so clearly what the doctor can see, and our communication with you about the treatment we recommend is greatly enhanced by intraoral digital pictures, digital photography, and digital x-rays.

With 3D digital cone beam x-ray technology we see things that a traditional x-rays would miss while using less radiation than a traditional x-ray would. The cone beam, or CBCT, can capture nerves, bones, sinuses, and teeth. These are all the important structures we need to make a prognosis. Software allows the machines to communicate the information back and forth. The doctor can then integrate the images and create, with as much information as needed, to optimize an appropriate treatment plan for you!

Once we’ve made our treatment plan we can design and mill crowns right on site in our digital milling unit. A block of specialized material is chosen and then it is digitally milled in the chamber by high-powered jets of water to the exact specifications of your crown. We can even make and place your crown in a single appointment!

Doctor Graffam and I are always learning new ways to incorporate technological advancements into the way we practice dentistry. The whole clinical team has training and expertise with all of the digital tools we use. We are committed to providing the highest quality dental services to our patients throughout the Gorham and Westbrook areas. If you are interested in learning more about how we used digital technology ask us about it next time you’re here. We would be happy to show you how it all works!